Table of Contents:
Annual Student Organization / Sports Club Registration
New Student Organization Registration
New Student Sports Club Registration

Annual Student Organization/ Sports Club Registration

During the spring semester, each organization must renew their LafSync Portal in order to reflect the newly elected officers. This must be completed in order to receive funding from Student Government and participate in the annual Involvement Fair in the fall semester.

Rewnew your LafSync portal by logging in, going to your portal, and clicking “Update Now” when you are prompted.

New Student Organization Registration

To be RECOGNIZED by Student Government, you must:

  1. Provide Student Government with a list of at least four active members who hold a leadership role within your organization. Examples of leadership roles may include, but are not limited to, President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary.
  2. Submit a constitution and Advisor-Consent-Form that is structured upon the outline of the Sample Constitution. The constitution, the contact information of the proposed organization leaders, and the signed Advisor Consent Form will then be sent to the current Chair of the Student Organizations Committee who will review the constitution and provide recommended changes required for approval.
  3. Attend one of the weekly Student Government general body meetings and give a brief five minute presentation on your proposed club and what you hope it will accomplish on campus. The club must receive a majority vote from the members of Student Government in favor of founding the club.

Please visit the Student Government website for contact information:

To Obtain a College Account:

  1. Upon recognition, a college account will be created for the organization.  All dues, donations and fundraising monies must be maintained in an account with Lafayette College. Organizations granted recognition are not permitted to hold non-Lafayette accounts without permission from the Director of Student Leadership and Involvement.
  2. Contact Student Leadership and Involvement for your account information and how to access your LafSync account.

Request a Budget:

  1. The organization is eligible for an annual operating budget in April.
  2. The organization is eligible to make programming event requests at any time. The form for programming event requests is provided within LafSync.

New Student Sports Club Registration

Student Government develops the policies for becoming a recognized and funded club and establishes the minimum guidelines for any student organization on campus.  However, an additional set of guidelines have been established by the Department of Recreation Services for those student organizations which are classified as “sports clubs.” In order to maintain recognition and get access to funding and other resources, a sports club needs to become sanctioned for activity.  Please refer to the Sports Clubs Manual.

Maintaining Recognition
To retain status as a recognized organization at Lafayette College, organizations must annually:

  1. Demonstrate an ability to represent the college in a positive manner (refer to Disciplinary Policies).
  2. Demonstrate and foster an interest in the organization at the college (e.g., staffing a table at the Student Involvement Fair, etc).
  3. Have at least one representative attend all formal student organization training session.
  4. Keep the organization’s LafSync page current, and renew your organization’s LafSync portal each year.
  5. Complete and submit all basic requirements defined by the Student Government.
  6. Maintain a constitution for the organization and update the constitution whenever the purpose has varied from its original intent.
  7. Comply with all College, state, and local laws, guidelines, and regulations.

After one semester on provisional status, (where organizations that have not been active) as evidenced by a lack of funding, meetings, or physical presence at the Involvement Fair, etc., an organization will be considered inactive. It will be recommended that all inactive clubs lose their formal recognition with Student Government and their presence in official organization lists, publications, and the website will end.