Table of Contents:
General Campus Posting Procedures
Residence Hall Advertising
Marketing Your Event
Campus & LAFSync Calendar
Chalking on Campus
Table Reservations
Trademark Licensing Policy
Policy on Distribution of Literature

General Campus Posting Procedures

Organizations who would like to advertise in the Farinon College Center must visit Student Leadership and Involvement or email to have their marketing approved. This includes banners, flyers, and other materials.

Posting and Distribution

  • All advertising should include the date, time and location of event, as well as the sponsoring group.
  • All advertising must comply with the College non-discrimination policy.
  • Signs are not permitted to be posted on glass doors, windows or painted walls.
  • Signs may not advertise alcohol, illegal substances, or be offensive in any way.
  • Only printed materials from College affiliated organizations are permitted to be posted.
  • Organizations are required to follow policies for posting in all campus locations; in general, flyers should only be posted on bulletin boards.


  • Flyers or banners that have not been approved for posting by Student Leadership and Involvement will be removed immediately.
  • Outdated, approved advertisements will be taken down weekly, and organizations should make an effort to remove their own event flyers after the program has passed.

Disability Statement
Organizations are encouraged to include the following disclaimers and statements on flyers when applicable, however including this information is optional.

 “If you require accommodations to access any College programs or services, please contact the Office of Disability Services at 610.330.5080.”

Residence Hall Advertising

Flyers may be posted in common areas of the residence halls on designated bulletin boards only. Only registered student organizations in good standing are permitted to display advertising in the residence halls. The Office of Residence Life has the right to refuse or remove any advertising within the residence halls that does not support the goals and objectives of the department or the College. All advertisements will be taken down after the date of the event has passed.

  • Each residential community has a public posting board or area.  Members of your organization are welcome to post flyers and ads in these designated areas using approved fasteners (3M products or poster putty on walls, staples or push pins on bulletin boards ie. no duct tape).  Improperly posted flyers will be removed.  Please do not hang items on the exterior doors.  Look for the board/area with flyers; not the themed passive program board.
  • Be sure your flyers include the date of your event.  It would be great if you send members back around to take ads down after the event.  If not, the RAs will remove them.
  • Since we allow group members to post their own flyers in designated areas, we ask that you do not bring flyers to the Residence Life office.  Individual groups are not permitted to put flyers in RA mailboxes.  Have your members play a bigger role in promoting your group and event by hanging the flyers in the residence halls themselves.
  • We want to maintain a welcoming environment in the halls so please be sure the content of your flyer is aligned with our goal.

Marketing Your Event

Develop a Plan

  • Determine your target audience and your available marketing resources.
  • Consider organizations or departments that may be helpful to co-sponsor with to get the word out.
  • Develop a timeline for promotion and advertising and acquire the appropriate permission to post.

Effective Marketing Tips

  • Your advertising should be creative and sell the event.
  • Find high traffic areas to post flyers or set up information tables.
  • Find ways to create involvement and spread curiosity across campus.
  • Be clear on the details of your organization’s event; date, time, location, charges, etc.

Campus & LafSync Calendar

The Campus Calendar ( and the LafSync Calendar of Events are linked together. In order to market your event, please first create the Event on LafSync; from here, it will be pulled to the Campus Calendar.

From the home page of your organization’s portal, click on the “Events” tab. From there, click the green button “Create an Event” to complete the online Event Request form. In order to have your LAFSync event sync with the Campus Calendar, select “Public” in the “Who Can See This” category. Additionally, check the box for Portal Sharing to push this event out to larger audiences. After submitting your Event Request, you can monitor the status of your upcoming events under the “Events” tab of your organization’s portal; statuses can include Pending Approval, Approved, Denied, or Deferred. Please contact an administrator in the Student Leadership and Involvement if you require assistance.

After your event has been approved, please allow up to an hour in order for your event to sync to the Campus Calendar. Please note: this sync only works in one direction. If a Campus Calendar event is created first, it will not automatically sync to the LafSync Calendar of Events.


The hanging of banners is permitted in the Farinon College Center in designated areas.  Banners are a first-come, first-served bases and may be hung for up-to one week prior to the event.  Banners must be for departments or student organization events and are subject to Student Involvement approval.  All groups must check-in with the banner in Student Involvement for approval before the banner may be hung.  Banners must clearly state sponsoring organization’s name and contact information.  Banners left up past the date of the event will be discarded.  Banners MUST be hung with string ONLY.  The banner will be discarded if it’s not hung with the proper materials.

Chalking on Campus

As a registered student organization, you may use chalking as a way to publicize campus events, however, students must adhere to the following established guidelines:

  • Chalking must adhere to established College policies and guidelines.
  • Chalking must be non-offensive and may not be destructive or libelous in any way; the College reserves the right to remove anything and hold the responsible individual or organization accountable.
  • Chalking may only be done on asphalt or concrete walkways (not brick) that are exposed to rain or natural elements that will wash it off.
  • Student Leadership and Involvement does not provide chalk for the purposes of this policy; chalking must be done with water-soluble and non-permanent chalk and chalk paint.
  • Chalking is not permitted on any vertical surface (buildings, signs, pillars, doors, steps, etc.).

Students or organizations found in violation of this policy will be asked to remove the messages with 24 hours and judicial action will be taken. If after 24 hours the chalking is not removed and Plant Operations cleans the surface, the organization will be charged for the cost of their services.

Table Reservations

Student organizations may reserve tables in Farinon College Center to distribute information and fundraise. The following provides an overview of tabling guidelines:

  • Tables can be reserved on LAFSync. To access this form on LafSync, go to “Forms” and “Farinon Atrium Table Reservation
  • The name of the sponsoring organization department must be displayed on the table.
  • Illegally trademarked items may not be sold.
  • Organizations may reserve tables for fundraising and sales.
  • All funds collected by student organizations must be deposited daily with Student Leadership and Involvement.
  • All sales must be approved by a Student Leadership and Involvement professional staff member based on restrictions imposed by College contracts, risk management considerations, College copyright/licensing policies, and other College policies.
  • Student organization members may not receive personal financial gain from an organizational sale; therefore, individuals are not permitted to serve as vendors for a student organization in which they are a member because this constitutes a conflict of interest.

Trademark Licensing Policy

Lafayette College’s trademark licensing program strives to promote, enhance, and elevate the image of the College by authorizing the use of our marks on high-quality, socially responsible, and tasteful merchandise and apparel. Any organization wishing to manufacture a product containing any of the marks of the College, or to provide a service that will use the marks, must enter into a licensing agreement that authorizes such use.

Examples of products include giveaways, apparel, uniforms, and sports equipment. Anyone who wishes to produce a product bearing any of the marks of the College must use a licensed vendor with the assistance of the Communications Department.

Only officially licensed, approved vendors (licensees) may produce items bearing the College’s trademarks or name. Items bearing Lafayette’s trademarks without a license may be considered “counterfeit” and subject to all available legal remedies, including seizure of the items. Additionally, licensed vendors who fail to submit designs for pre-production approval may have their license revoked.  Additional time may be needed to print something with Lafayette logo.

Policy on Distribution of Literature

  • Distribution of literature must not interfere with the educational mission or activities of Lafayette College or result in interference with the programs of the College.
  • The material distributed must not be illegal or obscene in content and must adhere to the College policies on protected speech.
  • The dean of students may limit the time, place, or manner for the distribution of literature and will work to ensure the protection of free speech.
  • All literature or information disseminated must clearly state the name of the sponsoring organization or of the individual student distributing the material.
  • The stipulations above are not intended to prohibit the distribution of information by Lafayette College. Request for permission to distribute literature on campus should be directed to the Dean of Students. Requests for permission to distribute literature within the Farinon Center should be directed to the Director of Student Leadership and Involvement.

Solicitation and Distribution of Literature

  • Solicitation and distribution include going door to door in a residence hall or other College building, or maintaining a position anywhere on College property to solicit or distribute as people pass by.
  • Prohibited behavior includes soliciting or distributing literature by any student or student organization without prior registration through Student Leadership and Involvement and/or soliciting or distributing literature during the final exam period, outside the hours of 10 a.m. and 8 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Soliciting-Sales Policy
Student organizations may not solicit, canvas, distribute literature, or use College housing as a location for selling and advertising unless written permission is granted by the Office of Residence Life.