Create an Event

Enter the organization that you would like to create an event for and select the “Events” tab. Click the “Create an Event” button on the right hand side. Fill out the form about the event and upload a photo. Photos for events should be 215 x 215 pixels. Information on how to resize photos can be found here. After hitting submit your request will be sent to a Campus Life Administrator who will review the content of your event before it will be visible on the calendar. 

Who Can View Your Event?

When creating an event you can choose who you would like to be able to view your event.

Public- Your event will be pushed to the Lafayette Calendar of Events and can be viewed by anyone outside of the Lafayette community. Note: Any changes that are made to the LafSync event will be pushed to the Calendar of events. However, events that are pushed to Calendar of Events will NOT be deleted if the event is deleted from LafSync. If you are cancelling an event change the title to CANCELLED: [Event Title].

  • Lafayette- Only members of the Lafayette community will be able to view the event.
  • Portal Name- Only people who belong to the portal will be able to view the event.
  • Selected Groups- Only selected groups within a portal can view the event.
  • Select Portal Sharing in order to request inclusion on the Campus Life events list.

Event Forms

Forms can be added to events to gather information before and after events from participants.

  • To create a form for an event scroll to the bottom of the portal events page and on the right hand side there is a button called “Event Forms”. Click “Create a Form” to begin. Forms that have already been created can be cloned using the “Clone Form” button. This is helpful if you only want to make minor changes to an already created form.
  • After creating a form go back to the events tab and click “Create an Event”.
  • After filling in the event information there is a drop down menu at the bottom of the form called “Advanced Options: Assessments and Forms” Select either Pre-Registration or Post- Event form to select a form that you would like to add. By clicking auto-approve all of the forms that are submitted with be approved before they are reviewed by a portal admin.

Note: To create an event you must have event privileges under the portal. To gain access to this permission a portal admin will have to add it to your profile.

How to Use Event Scanners

Event Scanners by be reserved through the Office of Student Leadership and Involvement using the Campus Life Equipment Loan form on LafSync. Directions for all of the different uses of the scanner are available in the scanner user guide that is provided with each unit upon pick up.