To start a new form, click the “Forms” tab in the portal where you would like to create a form and then click “Create a Form.” Use the “Design” tab to add questions and text. The “Settings” tab allows you to customize privacy and notification settings and also allows you to set a duration for accepting submissions. After a form is saved, you can view submissions and approve, deny, or defer them using the tools on the right hand side of the page. Data can be exported to Excel for further review. 

Event Forms

Forms can be added to events to gather information before/after events from participants.

  • To create a form for an event, scroll to the bottom of the portal events page and on the right hand side there is a button called “Event Forms.” Click “Create a Form” to begin. Forms that have already been created can be cloned using the “Clone Form” button.
  • After creating a form, go back to the events tab and click “Create an Event.”
  • After filling in the event information, look for the drop down menu “Advanced Options: Assessments and Forms.” Select either Pre-Registration or Post- Event form. By clicking auto-approve, all of the forms that are submitted will be approved before they are reviewed by a portal admin.

Note: To create an event you must have event privileges under the portal. To gain access to this permission a portal admin will have to add it to your profile.