Connecting and Sharing Information with Members of Your Organization

To send a message to members of your organization through LafSync, go to your portal and select “Messaging” from the “More” drop down menu. In messaging, you can build email lists, and send emails and text messages. When creating a new message you can also select which groups within the organization will receive the message by clicking the plus sign next to the name of the group. 

Designing News Posts

To create a news post on your portal select the “News” tab from the “More” drop down menu and click “Create News Post.” Enter your text and media into the form and select who you would like to be able to see your post. By selecting “Send as an Email,” anyone who is within the portal will receive the news post as an email, however any edits that you make to the original post will not be sent in the email.

Photos for news posts should be 900 x 300 pixels. Information for resizing photos can be found here.

Generating Polls

Polls are created by going to the “Polls” tab under “More” on the portal you would like to send a poll from. Click the “Create a Poll” button and fill out the form with the question that you would like to ask and the options that users can select. In “Settings” you will be able to select who can see the poll results, how many answers participants can select, and the end date and time for the poll. Once you are ready to publish it, select the publish button and indicate who you would like to be able to view your poll.

Post Photos and Videos

Photos can be added using the “Photos” option in the “More” drop down menu. Each album can have different privacy settings to that you can select who can view the photos. Videos can be added using the “Videos” option in the “More” drop down list. Videos must be uploaded using a URL from YouTube, Vimeo, uStream, or Facebook. Privacy settings are available for videos the same as they are for photos.