Managing Budgets and Using the Treasury Tool

The treasury tools on LafSync allow your organization to track funding and request budgets using Student Government funds. Annual budget requests are submitted through LafSync in the spring for the following fall and spring semesters. Programming funds are requested prior to an event. Budget committee meets every Monday to review requests. If you are requesting more than $200 you must attend the budget committee meeting with a prepared statement about your event.

  • To start a new budget select the “Manage Budgets” button on the Treasury screen. From this screen you can view your prior programing requests and annual budget. Click the “New Budget” button to begin. Fill in the form with as much detail as possible. Upload any invoices that you have available. Note: Funding is not given retroactively for events. Funding for food is only provided for events that are cultural in nature or if food is a key component to the event (i.e. cookie decorating). Please see the link to the cultural food policy.
  • The Revenue Fund is a read only page that is managed by a member of the Campus Life staff. This page will show the current state of you student organizations account. Note: This does not include departmental budgets that are linked to student organizations.
  • Checkbooks gives you a view of what is currently in your accounts, revenue and expenses for your organization. This will also allow you to view and restricted accounts that your organization may have for dues, donor gifts, or fundraising.

Note: Members of a portal must be given permission from a portal administrator to access the treasury tools. This can be done by clicking on the “People” tab on the top toolbar and then selecting the person who you would like to give permission. Select “Permissions” and click on treasury tools. Another way to give permission for treasury tools is to select manage under the group a person is a part of in the organization (Most likely Interested Member or Member) and change them to Officer with Financial Responsibilities.