The Committee is comprised of select students and employees who plan leadership development initiatives — including their premiere event the Leadership Institute. The committee is guided by a mission to create and support:

  • educational experiences which are purposefully grounded in leadership theory and established research.
  • leadership opportunities designed to be properly sequenced to provide realistic challenge and support which matches a students’ readiness.
  • leadership education interventions framed in a way that encourages active learning through concrete experiences, regular feedback and reflection.

Committee Members for 2017-18:  Jade Saybolt ’16,  Olivia Bonevento ’18 (intern), Chris Tomik, Barbara Perlman, Tim Uhrich, Dacey Horohoe (Leadership Fellow), Alana Albus, Sydney Edelson ’19, Miriam Swartz ’18, Sasha Neefe ’22, Emily LoPiccolo ’18, and Jodie Frey (advisor).

The LLE committee meets bi-weekly on Thursday afternoons. The Fall 2017 meeting dates are 9/14, 28, 10/12, 26, 11/9 and 30 from 3-4 pm in 211 Oechsle Hall. Two student Leadership Education Interns chair the committee and are the primary forces behind the logistical preparations needed to implement the annual Lafayette Leadership Institute. Applications for committee members and the intern role are accepted April 1st through September 30th of each year.