If you are interested in starting something extraordinary, Catalyst is a first step in the lifelong process of learning, exploration, and action.

This one-day program is designed to help anyone explore their leadership potential by challenging participants to examine themselves and how their personal choices align with their values, connect with other people and their ideas about what matters in the world, and by encouraging participants to take ownership of their own learning. In the end, participants in this leadership program will explore what it means to choose their own authentic path, understand how to best connect to the groups and causes which motivate them, and develop a plan to be a catalyst for yourself or the communities they join.

Date: Postponed until 2021
Saturday from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm

During the selection process, we are searching for a well-balanced group of 60 students from the class of 2022 who as a whole represent diversity of thought, experience, and motivation.  Apply no later than xx.  If applications exceed 60, we will communicate a decision regarding who is invited to participate no later xx.