The College requires that a contract is issued when an organization plans to hire a non-Lafayette group, individual, organization or company to provide any service where a fee is involved. Most entertainers or speakers are represented by an agency who will issue a contract. If not, the College is responsible for issuing the contract.

contract process highlights:
Decide whether the service requires a contract.

Unsure? Consult Student Leadership and Involvement staff.

At least 4 weeks prior:

  • Submit contract to Student Leadership and Involvement for review.
  • Send contract and W-9 form to vendor.
At least 2 weeks prior:

  • Return contract and W-9 to Student Leadership and Involvement.
  • Submit check requests (checks are cut on Fridays, and can be picked up at the Controller’s Office) .

Contracts must include a social security number if payment is made to an individual, or a federal ID number if payment is made to a company. This is required by the IRS. A W-9 form must be on file prior to the issuing of a check by the college. This form needs to be completed by the agency or person providing the service.  Contracts are an important way for you to protect yourself and your organization from possible liability associated with events or programs.

All contracts require approval. The Vice President of Student Affairs or the Director of Student Leadership and Involvement are authorized to sign contracts on behalf of the College. Students are NOT authorized to sign contracts on behalf of the College.